Suites & Rooms

Mural Suite

Our contemporary Revival style suite is designed in a black and white theme. This suite is decorated with a city scape mural, hand painted by our signature artist.

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To sleep in this master piece is an experience in itself with its custom made furniture, pilastered walls with decorative ceilings, top quality crystal ceiling lights, separate dressing area featuring a highly priced Avalon pearl mirror. The luxurious bathroom comes with a combo, w/c, large vanity, towel cupboard; the walls adorned with keep sakes. Our own special lovebird escape!

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Aquila Suite

This contemporary neo-classic style suite offers an ambience of not wanting to leave the room. This suite is decorated with beautiful hand painted techniques, lovely corniced ceilings, pure crystal chandelier with matching sconces, sumptuous fabrics and custom made classic furniture.                

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It’s spacious bathroom is equipped with a separate whirlpool, large walk-in shower, large vanity, towel cupboard, w/c, magazine rack and a linen basket. The sweet fragrances adds to the romanticism of this suite that also converts to a honeymoon suite when the need arises.

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Danny Suite

This eclectic style suite has a refined decor. Another master piece with intricate hand carved door and furniture. With its exotic wallpaper on the walls, the partinated decorative cornices highly compliments the ambience.

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The various moods created by the hand made chandeliers with matching sconces and table lamps is simply breathtaking. It’s spacious bathroom is equipped with a separate whirlpool, large walk-in shower, large vanity, towel cupboard, w/c and a linen basket. A stay in this suite is another experience! Perfect for honeymoon!

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David Suite

Another eclectic style suite with its own large balcony. As in all our suites, this suite offers a delectable opulence with mural on a feature wall. The bathroom is decorated with bisazza mosaics on the walls and floor. The top quality murano pendant light creates a luxurious ambience. This suite is one of our Premium.

Peace Room

Our Victorian style room offers a calming ambience with its hand painted cloud ceiling. The room offers distinctive elements, like the well draped coronets, large wardrobe with built in chest, hand painted furniture pieces, pure crystal chandelier. The cosy bathroom gives the same calming feel with a walk in shower.

Grace Room

A contemporary Federal American style room is simply warm and elegant. The room is characterized with subtlety, yet impacting. The bathroom is delightful and well adorned.

Naomi Room

This cute delightful room is adorable. Eclectic in style, striking  in colors, romantic in ambience; it features a hand painted bed, other pieces of furniture with marquetry and lush curtains. It’s well designed bathroom has a pull-chain toilet, a reminiscence of the Victorian style.