Pre Wedding

START FROM $150 per day

After months of planning stress, what better way to unwind before the big day with your family and friends than to indulge in our pre wedding package.
Get treated to a few days of fun and pampering with our in-room spa sessions, allow yourselves be immersed in the adventure unfolding on screen in our private home theater, have poolside dinners and entertainment and lots more.

  • Perfect location for spinsters or bachelors rendezvous, private and serene.
  • Perfect also for bridal party dressing and pre wedding photo shoots.
  • Poolside dinners and entertainment.

After Wedding / Honeymoon

START FROM $150 per day

Spend your first night in our Splendor Royal suite or Splendor Delight suite and enjoy romantic time in our Spa together starting with a relaxing Bath Soak in the soft glow before your side-by-side Massage. You will receive a Complimentary sparkling wine to enjoy during your soak or with your Fine Dining Lunch or Dinner. In House of Splendor dining is not just a meal, it's a devotion; in the restaurant, by the poolside or room service. There are times you share; there are times you don't share with anyone, except each other - at our Games room or state of the art Home theater.

"The days drift by, like a dream."



START FROM $150 per day

A group of friends or family come to experience fondest memories in available suites and rooms. Number of days are determined by the group.

The package includes the following:

  • The use of all facilities namely; Gym, Home Theater with our free 1,000 available movies, swimming pool, in-room spa services,
  • Games room with the following games: chess, monopoly, scrabble, cards, etc and a virtual office.
  • Sightseeing tour of Lagos
  • Beach/boat cruises
  • Watching of any available life plays at Terra Culture
  • Group poolside breakfast amidst light music.
  • Afternoon Teas by poolside.
  • Jazz night/Dinner
  • Karaoke/Dinner
  • Various African music/Dinner


START FROM $150 per day
  • Have your wedding cake re-created or allow us to design for you an unforgettable anniversary cake
  • Re-Watch the first movie you first watched together that you both loved
  • Have a photo shoot with our signature photographer
  • Come with your wedding video to watch in our state of the art Home Theater with close friends; choose from our 1,000 free movies.
  • Do something new - Let us know what you will like to experience. Something you have not yet experienced during your married life
  • Bring your gifts for one another, while expecting something heartwarming from House of Splendor
  • Spend quality time together in our romantic settings.
  • Like to turn your phones off? That's a wonderful idea!


START FROM $150 per day

Celebrants choose their preferred room or suite. Outdoor dinner party for guests of the celebrants with light music. In the event the Celebrants are taking all the rooms, they may have their entertainment preference.

Experience House of Splendor hospitality; check in and let us spoil you. Poolside exotic dinner for friends and family. Experience our State of the Art Home Theater with close friends.